Ways to Go Green at Work

Going green isn’t something that only has to be done in your personal time. You can apply the concepts of sustainability to every aspect of your life and everywhere that you go, and this includes your workplace too. 

Below Idol Model Management Team propose a few helpful ways to go green at the workplace and make this planet a wonderful place to live and work.

– Pack your lunch ahead of time with reusable containers.

– Use reusable water bottles and mugs at work.

– Fill the office kitchen or break room with reusable dishes and silverware.

– Use energy-saving lights.

– Donate gently used material and items that could be of benefit to someone else.

– Make the most of the paper you use.

– Try not to print, use e-versions of docs and greetings cards.

– Buy eco-friendly office supplies.

– Use non-toxic cleaning products to tidy up.

– Use electricity and heaters wisely.

– Bring a desk plant.

– TELECOMMUTING. Encourage working from home, particularly for workers who would normally drive to work. This cuts down on pollution and increases time availability.

Be Mindful of Your Own Habits

Finally, be mindful of what your actions do to the environment. Whether it’s how much paper, plastic, or water you use or how many office pens you go through, you have the ability to help the planet simply by reducing your own intake or switching out bad habits for better ones (Hint: look above for ideas).

And of course, show that recycling is part of your company values.


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