Accept your uniqueness and love yourself! – Curvy Model Xenia P 

Not much time has passed since non 90-60-90 size models began to be in demand. Fortunately, now the Plus Size models are getting bookings with hight profile brands, magazines, etc. But is it easy to understand that you accept yourself, and that you do not want to change and adjust yourself to the standards of beauty?

Today we would like to share thoughts of our curvy model Xenia, signed with Top Worldwide agencies, getting great jobs around the Globe, but it doesn’t mean that it came easy to her: “Usually, there’s an expectation, that plus-size models should promote body positivity all the time, I’ve even been blamed sometimes, that I even look skinny on my pics and not a plus-size girl at all🙄 but man, I promote a self acceptance and self love, regardless the size and height, but it doesn’t mean I should always to point out that I’m not a size zero, my cellulite or belly rolls, and it’s actually obvious tho. Beauty comes in every shapes and sizes. Just accept your uniqueness and start to love yourself!🤘🏻




Aleksandra about Enviromental Situation

The first post from our model Aleksandra within the framework of the project #idolcares🌿 Over the past year she has been living in few countries of South Asia as Vietnam, Indonesia and India: ⠀
“📍India has turned my worldview and attitude towards many things. Mountains of rubbish, dead trees, the phone was literally torn from reports of harmful air quality … the city, and the country as a whole, is literally rotting in front of people, and they just though their hand up and blame the government.
This led me to start exploring the topic of recycling and wastefulconsumption, or in other words – Zerowaste . But i found it as not that easy thing. Problems with plastic processing points – they are simply not exist in small cities, as well as ecoshoppingbags or their similarities for buying fruits and vegetables (you have to order from online stores). More I am surprised with an attitude of people towards this – “we have the wrong mentality”, “we have no opportunities to do this”, “we have not grown to this”. Everything starts from YOU❗️, everything else are just excuses and laziness, which leads to inevitable consequences…”


Start of our social project – IdolCares

Over the last few decades, the environment problems have gone up at an alarming rate❗️ We as a company who show the beauty, the influence and the youth can not stay away from this.

From now on we start our social orientation project connected to participants of the fashion industry #idolcares ♻️

We start from this ecobag with usefull things which will help our models to minimize the use of plastic, to stay healthy and beautiful, the same as we want to see our planet!
Even a little effort matters!

Included🌿: ecobag, stainless bottle, stainless straw, bamboo toothbrush, sleeping mask & resistance band